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The Reality of Demons with psychiatrist Richard Gallagher, MD

I had heard psychologists and a few psychiatrists talk about the reality of other worlds and how they were beginning to think that some of their patients were not so much clinically mentally ill, but were actually seeing these entities from other dimensions. The problem they expressed to me was that these patients could not tell the difference between entities from other dimensions and the things they were interacting with in this dimension. When I asked them to come on the show and talk about this they all backed away in fear that if they were to let this truth out they would be blacklisted by the entire field of psychiatry and psychology. "I don't want to lose my job," was their mantra, and understandably so. Although the climate has changed and become more accepting of the paranormal in pop culture, it remains taboo in MSM and many traditional institutions.

Imagine my surprise when I heard of Dr. Gallagher and his new book debuting in the Fall of 2018 - Demonic Foes: Experiences of a Psychiatrist in the World of Exorcism! Dr. Gallagher is someone who understands this world...and others. A great interview that offers insight you will not hear anywhere else. Listen in:

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