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Valiant Thor, Please Phone Supernatural Girlz

So one of my VERY favorite stories is Frank E. Stranges, The Legend of Valiant Thor.

I always wondered why no one had yet turned this into a major motion picture. An alien from Venus and his crew touch down and go right to the President - a real life Day the Earth Stood Still. Despite no feature film yet, the story persists and continues to engage UFO & ET buffs worldwide. It's a great story of non-violence, healing and food for all and a government who rejected all of that. Our guest, Frank Chille provided us with all the details during our interview and even added that Valiant Thor, his crew and his ship are still here. Val no longer has an apartment in the Pentagon but according to Frank he is still involved with healing and enlightening the people of planet earth.

I had some tough questions for Frank. After all, we have heard many stories of hostile aliens who abduct humans and use them for experimentation and genetic manipulation. It doesn't appear that the humans were allowed any free will in those kidnappings and we were simply their experimental chimps.

Yet Frank persisted in explaining that there were and ARE benevolent aliens here helping us behind the scenes. That news, amidst other reports of hybrid invasion, is very comforting. Now, WHERE are they? We respectfully invite them on our show. We have questions.... Val, please phone, text or e-mail us here at Supernatural Girlz Radio. We welcome you to the show!

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