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Storm Faerywolf Brings the Faeries to Supernatural Girlz and They Have Something to Say

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

When I uploaded the bright, sunny photo of Warlock Storm Faerywolf for Wednesday's broadcast, I was shocked to see that it had transformed into the "negative" looking style on the left!

None of the other photos changed his face green and gave the appearance of a "negative." Right then and there I knew we were in for some heavy contact from the Faery Realm and we would not be in charge. Contrary to popular belief, Faeries are a formidable race with multidimensional abilities that transcend time and space.

The show was fraught with a multitude of technical difficulties culminating with all of us being kicked off the air - until we decided to listen to what the Faeries wanted to say. After we did that and relayed the messages on air, the technical difficulties came to an abrupt end!

To hear what they had to say, listen to the show and pass over the few minutes of dead air until the end.

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