About Patricia

Patricia is an author, paranormal researcher and expert Dream Analyst. Patricia studied both traditionally and with Indigenous leaders in consciousness and altered states. Her new book, DREAM COMM is available now on Amazon.com

Patricia is one of a three person team that is re-creating the Scole Experiment.

She is also the VP at Big Picture Agency, Inc.  





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About Patricia

Patricia Kirkman is an intuitive reader who uses her unique talents to help clients explore various metaphysical mediums. Over a thirty year career she has earned a reputation for being “the best of the best”. 

A talented numerologist, Patricia is nationally recognized as a gifted and insightful reader who is respected for her honesty, integrity, and discretion.

Patricia’s focus is always on the truth. 



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About Becky

Becky Andreasson is the first born child of Betty Andreasson  (Famous Alien Aductee) been trained by Elders and has mastered the art of symbolic spiritual writings through mind, sense of touch, color and sound. Becky's life has continued presense and integration of the UFO phenomenon and has carried a respectful degree of spiritual significance. Becky possess th ability to promote in faith spiritual communication to be used for the betterment of those who seek to know themselves.


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