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Why I Drink it!

Politics invaded our food court a long time ago and one of the casualties was raw milk.  Lucky for us in Massachusetts we can legally buy this previously outlawed whole food from local farms.

I cannot drink "regular" milk - homogenized, pasteurized, etc.  Until I figured out I was lactose intolerant I would end up on the bathroom floor in a cold sweat after having the tiniest sip of milk from the grocery store. Since this was not my idea of a good time I cut out all dairy from my diet.  But my bones were growing brittle, despite the Cal/mag supplements, leafy greens and other additions to my diet.

 I decided to be brave and try raw milk from a farm in the hilltowns.  I brought 1/2 gallon in a glass jar home and drank a glass. What the heck? What's one more night on a cold tile floor?  But, amazingly, that didn't happen.  I went on with my day and slept through the night - no pain, not even a twinge.  Three months later I went back to get a bone scan

and lo and behold, guess what?  My bones were getting denser and healthier!  The doctor couldn't believe it and when I told him all I had been doing was drinking raw milk, I though he was going to go through the ceiling.  "You can get sick from that!" he exclaimed.  But I have never gotten sick from raw milk - now a year later I continue to enjoy raw milk and better health.  For those interested in more information there is an excellent book available:   Raw Milk, the Untold Story 

Until next time~ bottoms up!

Patricia’s  Supernatural Bone Broth:


Super healthy and easy to make - just need to be around to watch over it and let it simmer.

Only use organic beef bones or at least free range!


2 - 4 marrow bones

2   knucklebones

1 cup organic white wine 

2 sprigs fresh rosemary

1 head of peeled garlic

6 thin slices fresh ginger

1 bunch fresh organic parsley




Place in a large stockpot - I use a 16 quart -

Cover ingredients with filtered water 


Add more filtered water as you need to while it cooks

Add more salt to your own taste

Let simmer in a large kettle for two days.

Do not leave unattended


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