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The Amazing Lon Milo Duquette

Lon is truly a treasure in the world of mysticism, magic and the occult and last night I was lucky enough to interview him about his new book, Son of Chicken Qabalah. With his usual, incredible wit he had me laughing so hard, my sides hurt and of course I learned something about the Qabalah along the way. That's Lon's trademark style - make us laugh out loud and learn something of import at the same time. Can't beat that combination! Rather than days, weeks and months of tedious study, Lon's ingenious method of teaching turns the most boring of subjects into fun-filled gatherings.

The audience and I also got to hear the story of how Chicken Qabalah came to be, (hilarious) and how we can initiate ourselves. What could be better? A fascinating, fun-filled evening with a great man and a dear friend. In case you missed the show:

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