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Reader! Corbie Mitleid sets us straight with Tarot

On the Wednesday, April 11th show, Tarot Reader Corbie Mitleid held us spellbound with her New York style, on-air readings. The audience called in and Corbie answered in her unique approach that brought us laughter and enlightenment tied up in a neat bow.

Sometimes listening to someone else get a reading can be, shall I say, less than interesting? However, Corbie brought a huge dose of her enormous personality that had us all hanging on her every word as if every reading was meant for each of us.

I can see Corbie on her own show, like Long Island Medium, sharing the truth from many dimensions, one client at a time. It's a show I would make popcorn for and watch every week.

Stay tuned...we will be having Corbie back for another great ride on Supernatural Girlz Radio!

Meanwhile if you want your own private experience with Corbie you can find her here:

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