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How Supernatural Girlz Got The Election Right

On Supernatural Girlz Radio we often turn to the paranormal to unearth the secrets behind the reality. So months ago - and I do mean MONTHS ago, I asked my co-host, numerologist Patricia Kirkman, (PK) to run the number on all the candidates and the election outcome. One by one she took the candidates out of the running until only Clinton and Trump were left. Then she broke out the two personalities and how they would lead the country. According to the numbers and only the numbers, Clinton, she said was a heartless, pathological liar who was in the race only for herself. Clinton, PK went on to explain, would do ANYTHING legal or illegal to win, and she could care LESS about the American people. Trump, PK shared, had his heart in it FOR the country. Neither candidate was perfect, but Trump, said PK, honestly cared and would do his BEST to create a positive change. She predicted that the actual election would be a nail biter, but that Trump would win.

So here we are. Trump is the President Elect and PK got it right while the Lame Stream Media got it WRONG. Congratulations PK on your accuracy, and congratulations President Elect Trump.

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