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The Reality of Demons

Have you ever seen one, beyond a TV reality show? Or a movie? I have. When I returned home from Egypt I had many original artifacts with me and one night I awoke with a creature sitting on my chest and choking me. I tried to scream - but nothing came out. Suddenly the thing took off at light speed and disappeared. I never saw it again.

In A Search In Secret Egypt, historian Paul Brunton, writes about seeing an Adept in the Valley of the Kings who gave him a stern warning about opening tombs. The Adept explained that every time a tomb was opened the demons who were sealed in to protect the tombs' inhabitants were released. The Adept went on to say that the ancient Egyptians were masters at real magic and knew how to call forth powerful demons and bind them to protect the tombs. Opening the tombs released them into the world where they were sure to cause unbridled pain and chaos to an unsuspecting world. He claimed that the upheaval they would cause would never be traced back to the demons of the tombs. Brunton was told to warn the archeologists to stop and leave the tombs alone. Brenton's warnings went unheeded and certainly some may say that darkness has fallen and chaos is reigning in the world today.

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