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August 2013

Ireland Pioneers New Radio Wave Water Technology


A GROUNDBREAKING new Irish technology which could be the greatest breakthrough in agriculture since the plough is set to change the face of modern farming forever.

Not only are the plants much bigger but they are largely disease-resistant, meaning huge savings in expensive fertilizers and harmful pesticides.

Extensively tested in Ireland and several other countries, the inexpensive water treatment technology is now being rolled out across the world. The technology makes GM obsolete and also addresses the whole global warming fear that there is too much carbon dioxide in the air, by simply converting excess CO2 into edible plant mass.

Developed by Professor Austin Darragh and Dr JJ Leahy of Limerick University's Department of Chemistry and Environmental Science, the hardy eco-friendly technology uses nothing but the natural elements of sunlight, water, carbon dioxide in the air and the minerals in the soil.

The compact biscuit-tin-sized technology, which is called Vi-Aqua – meaning 'life water' – converts 24 volts of electricity into a radio signal, which charges up the water via an antennae. Once the device is attached to a hose, thousands of gallons of water can be charged up in less than 10 minutes at a cost of pennies.

Speaking about the new technology, Professor Austin Darragh says:

"Vi-Aqua makes water wetter and introduces atmospheric nitrogen into the water in the form of nitrates – so it is free fertiliser. It also produces the miracle of rejuvenating the soil by invigorating soil-based micro-organisms.

"We can also make water savings of at least 30 per cent. When the water is treated it becomes a better solvent, which means it can carry more nutrients to the leaves and stem and percolate better down into the soil to nourish the roots, which in turn produces a better root system. Hence the reason you need less water and why you end up with larger and hardier crops," explains Professor Austin Darragh.

Extensively tested in Warrenstown Agricultural College, the technology is being hailed as a modern day miracle.


In June of 1947 Albert Einstein and J. Robert Oppenheimer together wrote a TOP SECRET six -page document entitled "Relationships with Inhabitants of Celestial Bodies".  It says the presence of unidentified spacecraft is accepted as de facto by the military.  It also deals with the subjects that you would expect competent scientists to deal with - i.e., where they come from, what the law says about it, what should we do in the event of colonization and/or integration of peoples, and why are they here? 


Finally, the document addresses the presence of celestial astroplanes in our atmosphere as a result of actions of military experiments with fission and fusion devices of warfare.  Einstein and Oppenheimer encourage consideration of our potential future situation and safety due to our present and past actions in space. How can we avoid a perilous fate?


" Relationships with extraterrestrial men presents no basically new problem from the standpoint of international law; but the possibility of confronting intelligent beings that do not belong to the human race would bring up problems whose solution it is difficult to conceive.  In principle, there is no difficulty in accepting the possibility of coming to an understanding with them, and of establishing all kinds of relationships.  If these intelligent beings were in possession of a more or less culture, and a more or less perfect political organization, they would have an absolute right to be recognized as independent and sovereign peoples.  Another possibility may exist, that a species of homo sapiens might have established themselves as an independent nation on another celestial body in our solar system and evolved culturely independently from ours." 

Mysterious Angel Saves Car Crash Victim


Do you believe in Angels?  


A report from Center, Missouri, might lead people to conclude that a higher-power can and does intervene in the face of tragedy.  KHQA-TV is reporting a story about a devastating car crash.  Aaron Smith, 26, struck Katie Lentz, 19, in a head-on crash on Sunday morning. Authorities state that they began a long rescue process. After 60 minutes of trying to get Lentz out of the vehicle (she was pinned between the steering wheel and the seat), Lentz's vital signs began to fail.  Rescue crews, at Lentz's request, prayed out loud for the trapped woman.  And that's when the mystery priest appeared. According to all accounts, he came out of nowhere and brought intense calm upon the situation.  "He came up and approached (Miss Lentz), and offered a prayer," New London Fire Chief Raymond Reed told KHQA-TV. "It was a Catholic priest who had anointing oil with him. A sense of calmness came over her, and it did us as well."  Considering how many people were at the scene and interacting with the mystery faith leader, the story is a fascinating one.  "I can't be for certain how it was said, but myself and another firefighter, we very plainly heard that we should remain calm, that our tools would now work and that we would get her out of that vehicle," the firefighter added.  Now here's where it appears that the heavenly visitor's intercession was indeed successful and as he had promised. After another fire department showed up, the rescue proceeded easily and the tools worked, just as the priest had said. But when nearly a dozen firefighters turned around to thank the priest, he was gone; the road was empty. Considering that the road was blocked off for a quarter of a mile during the rescue and that no cars were around, there appears to be no earthly explanation for the priest's sudden appearance and disappearance.  Lentz's friends and family want to thank the priest, but, so far, he's nowhere to be found.  "Where did this guy come from?" asked Travis Wiseman. "We're looking for the priest and so far, no one has seen him. Whether it was a priest as an angel or an actual angel, he was an angel to all those and to Katie."  The police also reported that approximately 70 photos had been taken at the scene and the priest was not in any of them. Smith has been charged with a DWI, second degree assault and failure to drive on the right side of the road. And the search for the priest forges on. 

View the video news report here

Legends of the Grail


The Grail continues to be an artifact of great power and mystery with tales of the quest woven into many different cultures.  The Grail was associated with the cup used by Jesus in the Last Supper Matthew 26.26-29; Mark 14.22-26; Luke 22.14-20]. Jesus shared bread and wine with his apostles, saying that this was his last meal with them. Jesus broke the bread and said, "This is my body, which is given to you" [Luke 22.19]. With the wine in the cup, he said, "This cup is God's new covenant sealed with my blood, which is poured out to you" [Luke 22.20]. After the Last Supper, the cup was never mentioned again.The authorities of the Roman Catholic Church could never come to term with the story of the Grail, because the Grail owed more to pagan origin than in Christian belief. The magical restorative power of a cup was a common theme in Celtic myth than the Bible. The predecessors of the Grail were the Celtic magic cauldrons, which appeared so frequently in Celtic literature.

In Irish myth, the Cauldron of Dagda was a large vessel on wheel that had some powerful magical properties. It was always full. The food in the cauldron, would satisfy person's hunger, refresh or renew his strength. It also had the magical ability of being able to heal a person. However, Grail legend owed more to the Welsh literature than in Irish myths.

In the Welsh myth,  Arthur and his companions went to the Annwfn (Annwyn), to steal a magic cauldron. Annwfn was the Welsh form of the Otherworld. Cauldron played an important part in Celtic myths, having magical properties. In this story, the food wouldn't boil for a coward. Here we have a connection between Arthur and the grail-like cauldron. We don't know if Arthur was successful or not. Of the three shipload of warriors who had accompanied Arthur, only seven had survived.  This week we look to Grail expert Laura Eisenhower to shed light on this object and bring a new understanding to its true purpose.

July 2013



Sir Laurence Gardner bestselling author of Bloodline of the Holy Grail received the UK Author of the Year award in 1997. Since his latest book, Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark, was published, best-selling author Sir Laurence Gardner has been giving worldwide lectures about the rediscovery of arcane knowledge-in particular, the extraordinary powers of white powder gold.

When gold and platinum-group metals are transformed into the monatomic state, a fine white powder is produced called Ormus.

This substance, according to Gardner and many other modern day alchemists was used by pharaohs and kings of the ancient world.   It was also part of the secret knowledge of medieval alchemy and used by the Knights Templar.

Science is catching up to Spiritual knowledge and research has revealed some amazing properties of high-spin monatomic elements. This may have revolutionary implications. Humanity may have within its reach a potential cure for cancer without drugs or surgery, an environment-friendly alternative to fossil fuels, a means to transform human consciousness, the possibility of low or zero-gravity flight, space travel by manipulation of space-time, and access to other dimensions.

Ancient Egyptian Blue Pigment Points the Way to New Technology


A bright blue pigment used 5,000 years ago is giving modern scientists clues toward the development of new nanomaterials with potential uses in state-of-the-art medical imaging devices, remote controls for televisions, security inks and other technology. That’s the conclusion of an article on the pigment, Egyptian blue, in the Journal of the American Chemical Society. Tina T. Salguero and colleagues point out that Egyptian blue, regarded as humanity’s first artificial pigment, was used in paintings on tombs, statues and other objects throughout the ancient Mediterranean world. Remnants have been found, for instance, on the statue of the messenger goddess Iris on the Parthenon and in the famous Pond in a Garden fresco in the tomb of Egyptian “scribe and counter of grain” Nebamun in Thebes. They describe surprise in discovering that the calcium copper silicate in Egyptian blue breaks apart into nanosheets so thin that thousands would fit across the width of a human hair. The sheets produce invisible infrared (IR) radiation similar to the beams that communicate between remote controls and TVs, car door locks and other telecommunications devices. “Calcium copper silicate provides a route to a new class of nanomaterials that are particularly interesting with respect to state-of-the-art pursuits like near-IR-based biomedical imaging, IR light-emitting devices (especially telecommunication platforms) and security ink formulations,” the report states. “In this way we can reimagine the applications of an ancient material through modern technochemical means.”

2,300 year old Celtic Necklace Linked to Paranormal Experiences


According to Lewis Hayes of the Celtic Collection Program this unusual necklace appears to hold its own memories which are felt and seen by the person wearing it.  A spectre holding a tablet also appeared during a photo shoot.

Psychics who have had contact with the necklace claim that there is an ancient persona still very much connected to it, and that the necklace is full of energy.

June 2013

An Egyptian Statue Moves On Its Own


An ancient Egyptian statue in a British museum has sparked debate after it was captured on video seemingly rotating on its own.

The 1,000 year old, 10-inch tall statue of Neb-senu has been on display at the Manchester Museum in Manchester, England, for 80 years but it was only recently that museum staff noticed the statue moving.

“Most Egyptologists are not superstitious people. I wondered who had changed the object’s position without telling me,” the museum’s curator, Campbell Price, told the U.K.’s Sun.  “But the next time I looked, it was facing in another direction–and a day later had yet another orientation.”

With his curiosity piqued, Price returned the statue of the Egyptian idol to its original position in a locked glass case and set up a camera to film the statue over an 11-hour period.  The resulting time-lapse video, Price says, shows the statue moving on its own.

Other experts attribute the rotation to a more scientific reasoning, such as subtle vibrations that cause the statue to move.

“The statue only seems to spin during the day when people are in the museum,” Carol Redmount, associate professor of Egyptian archeology at the University of California, Berkeley, told ABC News.  “It could have something to do with its individual placement and the individual character of the statue.”

The statue, made from serpentine, shows what is likely an official with “priestly duties,” according to Price, wearing a shoulder-length wig and knee-length kilt.

The hieroglyphs on the back of the statue spell out, “bread, beer and beef,” a “prayer for offerings for the spirit of the man,” Price told the Sun.

The 10 inch stone statue dates back to 1800 BC. It moves 180 degrees and stops.

What Are Ghosts Made Of?


In the Victorian age it was said that ghosts were made of "ectoplasm," Ectoplasm (from the Greek ektos, meaning "outside", and plasma, meaning "something formed or molded") is a term coined by Charles Richet to denote a substance or spiritual energy "exteriorized" by physical mediums. Ectoplasm is said to be formed by physical mediums when in a trance state. This material is excreted as a gauze-like substance from orifices on the medium's body and spiritual entities are said to drape this substance over their nonphysical body, enabling them to interact in the physical and real universe. According to mediums, the ectoplasm can not occur in light conditions as the ectoplasmic substance would disintegrate.

The psychic researcher Gustave Geley defined ectoplasm as being “very variable in appearance, being sometimes vaporous, sometimes a plastic paste, sometimes a bundle of fine threads, or a membrane with swellings or fringes, or a fine fabric-like tissue." Arthur Conan Doyle described ectoplasm as “a viscous, gelatinous substance which appeared to differ from every known form of matter in that it could solidify and be used for material purposes."

Although the term is widespread in popular culture, the physical existence of ectoplasm is not accepted by science.


According to Nat Geo's American Paranormal, it is neutrinos also known as "ghost particles" that are the building blocks for ghosts.  Neutrinos have no electrons surrounding them and no electric charge hence no repulsive force to push against other matter.  They can pass right through physical matter and all objects in nature. Neutrinos, however, do not explain the light that ghosts emit, and the fact that ghosts are detected by electromagnetic equipment.  Certainly there are more mysteries here to be solved.

Messaging For Extraterrestrial Intelligence


A New Web Portal Allows You To Transmit Text and Photos to Distant Starsin


What will your message be to Extraterrestrials?   Thanks to a new initiative called Lone Signal there will a continuous, mass experiment known as METI — Messaging for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. On Monday, the venture will open a web portal allowing anyone to transmit text and photos to distant stars.

"It's never been the case where anyone on the face of the Earth can commune with the cosmos, and we are giving them that ability," Dr. Jacob Haqq Misra, the project's scientific director and an expert in planetary habitability at the Blue Marble Space Institute of Science, said at a press preview of the portal earlier this week. "Anyone can transmit messages to strategically targeted stellar systems."

Users log onto the website, compose their message — the first is free and subsequent messages cost 99 cents, with discounts for bulk buyers — and then track its progress through the cosmos. They can also review and comment on messages transmitted by other users.

They also, of course, hope to see it catalyze a new era of intergalactic communications — one in which humankind manages to detect, and engage with, the intelligent inhabitants of other planets. To make that happen, Lone Signal has secured a 30-year lease of the massive radio dish housed at the Jamesburg Earth Station in Carmel, CA, in order to beam user messages to the heavens. The station, built in the early 1960s, is best known for transmitting the first images from the Apollo 11 moon landing. Communication will take place using two distinct signals. The first, called a continuous wave carrier, will beam a targeted, long-term "hailing message" to a specified destination. While it does, the Jamesburg dish will beam shorter signals — containing a user's unique message — to that same location. "By sending both carrier [signals], you'll get more attention from anyone watching," Haqq-Misra said. "If they notice the continuous wave signal, they might look more closely at the message carrier. Lone Signal plans to direct their dish towards a particular star system for around a month before switching to a new interstellar target. Their first taget is Gliese 526, 17.6 light years from Earth.  If someone out there is listening you may receive your first response in 35 years.

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