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Lame Stream Media Abuses & Targets Witnesses of the Paranormal

Watching Donald Trump get horribly abused by Lame Stream Press Cowards while they push their very own Hillary agenda reminds me of how we, involved in the world of the paranormal, are quite familiar with this. When you are involved with paranormal events we know to prepare to be consistently and similarly targeted and smeared.

Anyone who reports a UFO sighting, abduction, a cryptoid event or even a haunting, gets laughed at, humiliated and ultimately ignored by these so-called "journalists." I am reminded of the people in Gulf Breeze, FL, who reported UFO sightings, paranormal events and produced photos. The press sold them out and reported that they were alcoholics, often spotted at the local bar. Funny thing was, there was no local bar. They lived in a "dry" town. Roswell journalists changed their story a la government pressure that there was no UFO crash - it was a weather balloon - despite enormous evidence to the contrary. A recent book, (Children of Roswell), details how the witnesses to the UFO crash, their children and even their grandchildren were threatened with death by the military if they ever spoke about it. And, of course, the Lame Stream Press Cowards, upheld the military's agenda.

The list of the victims of the Lame Stream Press in the supernatural world is endless. As Dr. David M. Jacobs, author of Walking Among Us, explains, "There is no benefit to anyone who reports a UFO experience." Even abductees who had extremely well-documented cases with witnesses, like Betty Andreasson Luca, (The Andreasson Affair), and Travis Walton, (Fire in the Sky), had to face down tremendous suspicion, covert government surveillance and a press that often treated them like escapees from the insane asylum.

The press is supposed to be neutral report all sides and uncover facts. Instead, spineless things that many of them are, they follow orders from on high and report what they want you to think - far from the truth.

Their agenda has rarely been as easy to see as it is today, with their pick for the election clearly being Hillary. One has to ask why? Why do they want YOU to vote for the candidate of THEIR choice? Why do they refuse to cover the Wikileaks e-mails that expose crime in the Clinton Foundation that go all the way to the top? Why are they so committed to having you do what THEY want you to do? The same reason they laugh at paranormal events. They want to keep you plugged in to the status quo. The Lame Stream Press is controlled and they want to control you.

Think carefully about this before you vote - what will it be, the red pill for the blue pill?

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